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Thursday, May 11, 2006

small talks

24th April 2006: The nursery owner - Ms Ng related to me about the conversation she had with Princess. It goes like this. Aunty: Did you enjoyed your trip to Bangkok? Princess: Yes. Its nice. Aunty: You say you'll bring me holiday but you didn't. You know .. when you left that day, I cried. Princess: No need to cry! Ok .. no need to cry. I bring you next time. 3rd May 2006: When I picked the kids, Princess was wearing the skirt and blouse I bought for her from Bangkok. Princess had a little conversation with Ms Ng that goes like this .. Princess: See my "baju" (clothes) so sexy (wonder where she learn the word). Aunty: Wah .. so pretty. Can I try it on. Princess: No .. cannot. Aunty: Why cannot? Princess: You big .. this small. Wait .. I buy you another one ok. Ms Ng said the way that she say it was like an adult. Sigh ... my baby is growing up so fast. Sniff sniff.


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