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Friday, October 20, 2006

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Boy acting out a song

Here's a video on Boy acting out a song by The Wiggles. The way he does the "Shh shh shh" is really adorable.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

disturb nights

Mommy have been woken up 2-3 times everynight since 1 year ago. The reason for these awakings is not due to hunger. Everynight, Boy will cry ... don't know for what reason .. and Mommy will stuff him with water and he'll be quiet after that. Sometimes about an hour or so later, he'll start all over again. Following that, Princess would be asking for water (sometimes once or twice a night). If Mommy is lucky, she would have a peaceful undisturbed sleep for a day or two and the 'process' will start all over again. And lucky Daddy ... couldn't hear a single thing ... snoring all the way. Sometimes when Mommy is wicked (and tired), she'll ignore the whinings and cryings (slap Daddy on the arm - signalling him to attend to them) but most of the time she's kind. An example of yesterday night .. normally Princess with be sleeping with Boy in one mattress ... Mommy and Daddy in another. For whatever reason, these two days Princess have been rather sticky when it comes to bedtime. She would want to sleep in-between us. I was fine ... I let her. Halfway thru her sleep in the middle of the night, she (and Mommy) was awaken by Daddy's snoring. I whacked Daddy on his back to make him stop snoring (wicked huh!). Princess told me to carry her. I told her "No la Princess Titi (brother) is sleeping on his own - see) and told her to go back to sleep on her on. She told me "Mommy I cannot sleep on my own". So, Mommy had to lay Princess on her chest like she used to when Princess was a baby. Within minutes she was asleep. Every night I hope to have a peaceful sleep ... but at the back of my mind, I'm always prepared to be woken up. The sacrifice a Mommy .... :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mommy is touched!

21st July 2006: Every weekday when we came home, I would ask the kids to wash their legs in the bathroom. As usual Princess will request to do it herself. When she came out, I wiped her and told her to take her clothes and pants. Normally she's independant but today she decided to throw a tantrum by saying excuses like she doesn't know and "Mommy do". I was in a bad mood and scolded her. I was continuously scolding her and she was continuously whining and crying. I ignored her tantrum. Finally she stopped crying. I explained to her that she shouldn't throw tantrum like that .. giving her the example of the girl in the "I'm so mad" book. Its a good book that teaches children about managing feelings. Its one of her favourite books. She seem to understand my explanation. I gave her a hug and she said "I Love You Mommy". At first I didn't get what she was saying and asked her to repeat it twice. *Stupid mommy isn't it* I was so touched ... my heart melted. Mommy felt warm all over .. ahh. 23rd July 2006: Daddy had a football match so we decided to go to my sis house. Princess was bugging me to go since 9am in the morning. We reached there after lunch. Boy slept an hour but Princess didn't even take a wink. In the evening about 4pm, I decided to leave the kids at my sis to get some things at Giant. Princess said she wanted to follow me, knowing that she must be sleepy, so I took her along without telling Boy. Afraid that he'll cry. So we left. When I went back to my sis's place, she told me that he must have realised that I went missing and went crying in front of the door. When I saw him, I greeted him "Hello Boy". He was happily eating and when he saw me his expression shifted to his crying and weepy mood. Gosh ... I asked him ... "WHy are you crying Boy? You miss Mommy is it?". He nodded and said "Em (yes)". I hugged him ... "Mommy miss you too. No more crying ok". Its great to be a Mommy ... "They" make you feel so important isn't it??!?!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kiddy rides

Continuation from Cassandra's birthday party (15th July 2006) .. the kiddy rides after dinner. Princess on her own Boy with Shane 'kor kor'

Another bz weekend

15th July 2006: Cassandra, 6 had a birthday party at Starship Galactica, 1U. The kids enjoyed themselves so much ... started playing at 4pm until 8pm .... non-stop. Sometimes I wonder where they get the energy from!! By 7pm I was already hungry and tired .. so I rested. Princess came to me ... Princess: Mommy .. come play with me. Mommy: I'm tired Princess. Mommy want to rest here. Princess: Mommy .. you play with me ... you sit only. Mommy: No la Princess ... Mommy is tired .. you play with the rests la. Princess: It's nice ... (with that innocent look on her face) Mommy: *roll eyes* ok ok little while only .. we go eat after that ok. Princess: Yay!!! Boy eating on his own with lots of improvement .. not much messes Princess enjoying her sausage After the party, we had dinner in Esquire Kitchen with my sisters and families. Outside the restaurant, they have these animal kiddy rides that Princess used to fear but surprisingly seeing everyone on .. she wanted to get on. She was riding all by herself. The kids fell asleep right after they finished their milk in the car. Extremely tired! We reached home at 11pm ... what a night! 16th July 2006: As usual on a Sunday we'll have dinner at my mom's. Today Princess brought some toys over to play. When we were about to go home, Princess packed up her own toys into the box. There was a ball that was still lying around. Cassandra took the rests of the toys out and put the ball in. I asked Cassandra ... Me: Cassandra you took all the toys out and put the ball in ... then what's gonna happen to the rests of the toys? Cannot fit in. Cassandra: (Attempt to put the rest of the toys in) Princess: (Ran over to where I was) I show you Cassandra (Took out the ball, put the rests of the toys in, put in the ball and said) See see cannot fit in. Me: *sniggering* (cheeky girl) When my sis was about to go home she said to us ... Sis: Bye People Princess: (Look at her and said casually) My name is not people Sis: (Laughing - looking at me) What kind of kid is this?!!? Me: Hahaha Kids nowadays are really different .. the way they look at things and the way they talk its like an adult. They are much smarter that us when we were their age!


The way the kids rested their legs when they fall asleep in the car. No wonder they are siblings!!

vain pot

8th July 2006: After the kids bath this morning, Princess took out the box of clips and asked me to clip for her. So I did .. and look at the number of clips and scrungy she insisted me to put on for her. Aiy! Girls are vain.

lil cousins

The kids with cousins Cassandra and Aedan Picture taken on the 2nd July 2006

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

sorry baby

Last night while getting them ready for bed upstairs, Princess left her babydoll on the table. She took the babydoll and told 'her' "Oops sorry baby I forgot to bring you to the bed". Hehe she sounded so cute.

routine on weekdays

Weekday routines upon reaching home .... Sterilise bottles Sterilising the bottles would be our 1st priority. Wash kids clothes (in the machine) The dirty clothes from the nursery will be brought back home to wash ... in a washing machine of course!! Switch on TV for kids The kids will ask for their VCDs/DVDs .. mostly consists of Barney, Teletubbies, Rubberdubbers, Kipper, nursery rhymes and so on. Switch on TV for Mommy/Daddy Its either chinese series/sitcoms or sports. Set bottles Bottles to set up just in case Darien demands for milk early. Its always difficult to say .. his appetite is unpredictable. Fold clothes The clothes that was dried the day before will be folded today. It will be put into the nursery bags to be brought over the next day. Eat dinner We'll usually take dinner at about 9 to 9 plus. Bedtime By 10.30pm the kids will adjourn upstairs for their bedtime books and milk. Tedious day after work??!!?! Not so much comparing that their much older now. When they were much younger we had to hang dozens of cloth nappies and also folding them and not forgetting the number of milk feeds they require. Life is definitely much better now!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

funny behaviour

Scene 1 The nursery caregiver, Ms Ng related to be about this incident about Lil Darien. He didn't finish his lunch and went straight to the kitchen and ask for apple. The aunty told him to finish his rice first. He nicely finishes his rice and ask for apple. Aunty said not yet .. had to drink some water. When the aunty went out. He drank some and poured it onto his pants and told another aunty .. "Shh shh". Such a cheeky boy!! Scene 2 Whenever Darien doesn't get his way with things. He'll scold them by resting his left hand on his hip and pointing his forefinger at the person who's scolding him. Like how I scold them. Hehe. So cute. Too bad I was not there to witness. My mom related the same incident to me the other day when my sis forbid him from playing with chairs. It was really funny.


Thank you Boy has been a pro in saying his "Thank yous". Like yesterday .. I passed him his water, he said "Than yu" .... at night, I made him milk .. he said "Than yu". Pain Pain Last night, I went to my gynae and did Implanon. I had a plaster on the wound. After taking a bath ... I replaced with a new plaster. While doing that Boy came to me and said "Mommy pain pain .. pain pain" and he had a "painful" expression on his face. Ah really melts my heart. Princess told me "Mommy .. quickly put plaster .. pain pain". These two little devils really brighten up my day. Words These are the few words Boy is saying pay = PLAY than yu = THANK YOU pis = PLEASE ren = RAIN pain = PAIN memmy = MOMMY daddee = DADDY popo = maternal granma kungkung = maternal granpa yee ma = aunty yee yee = aunty ah ma = paternal granpa kung = paternal granpa book = BOOK read = READ sit sit = SWEET SWEET eat = EAT and the list goes on ....