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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Genting Highlands

1st November 2005: Took the kids to Genting Highlands for a-day trip. Reached there bout 3pm. On the way there, Princess had a 2-hour nap and Boy had a 1 and a half-hour nap. We bought McDs for lunch. Got happy meal nuggets for Princess and a McEgg for Boyboy. Princess was so tired, she slept and didn't eat it until she woke up. Boyboy ate the whole McEgg all by himself. Hehehe. Princess was so fascinated with the merry-go-round. She kept telling me .. horse. I asked her .. "Do you want to sit?". She said yes. Then when I let her ride in it, she asked me to carry her all the way until it finishes. Aiyaya! Overall, the kids enjoyed the trip there.

Boy is really sleepy ... *yawn*

Oops ... what is Daddy's hand doing there.

Daddy with the two precious gems. "Mummy I'm really stoned!"


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