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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Happenings on 3/6/06 & 8/6/06

3rd June 2006: Baby Ashley's 1st Birthday Bash We were all invited to Baby Ashley's 1st birthday bash at Marmalade Cafe, Mont Kiara. Ashley was dressed in a cute little pink dress. The food is simply delicious especially the quiche. Princess didn't eat much though. She was busy play at the children enclosed area. Needless to say Boy was happily muching away. the little bday girl the busy bees playing with toys 8th June 2006: Aquaria The nursery was closed for a 1 week break. So the kids were at home the whole week with Mommy. I cooked for the kids the whole week. I looked at recipes and ask my mom for advice on what to cook for them. Its been 4 days and I happy to say I did quite ok. They love my food. They finish all their food everyday. *grinning* Today Daddy took the day off and we took the kids to Aquaria. Goodness .. we lined up for a good 40 minutes. Totally crazy - school holiday! The kids enjoyed looking at the fishes, insects and reptiles. Initially Princess was excited but when we reached the tunnel, she told us she's scared. On the way out, we bought some souvenirs. Boy was so tired that by the time we reach the car he was already asleep. Near one of the shark tanks


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