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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Today is one of Daddy's good friends wedding. In the morning, he went for the 'pick up' bride ceremony.And by the time he came home was about 2 plus in the afternoon. Boy boy was already alseep but Princess was still awake. Gave her a bottle of milk and she was already asking me for biscuits and other stuff to eat. Daddy took out a packet of peanuts - those that you have to peel of the shell type to munch. As soon as Princess saw that she requested Daddy for some. And she, too is a fan of peanuts just like us. She was munching away happily with a satisfied hum. She was holding the packet of the peanuts and it fell on the floor. Then, Daddy being his funny self told her .. "Princess, quickly pick up the peanuts .. if not the elephants will come and eat". And he walk away sniggering .... silly Daddy! Hehehhe. Since morning, Boy had diarrhea. Since he was still unwell, I did not attend Daddy's friend's wedding dinner. Instead, we all went to my mom's place for dinner.


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