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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve

CHRISTMAS EVE Had turkey in my mom's place .. bought from Las Caretas ... didn't roast this year. Thought of saving all the hassle of roasting but the turkey that we bought doesn't taste as good comparing to the one my elder sis roasted many years back. The turkey bought had so little stuffing and the skin tasted so bland .. sauce is also horrible. Sigh bad choice! So next year, we will be roasting ourselves ... at least we get better stuffings and sauces. After dinner, the kids unwrapped some Christmas gift that we bought. Yes I know the unwrapping shouldn't be until Boxing Day but they are impatient. :) New Year's Eve & New Year 2006 We went over to Westin hotel to meet up with my 2 sisters and brought the kids for a dip in the pool. This time round, Princess didn't want to swim because the water was quite cold. The kids had a fun time splashing for about 30 minutes or so and it started to rain .. bummer! We went back to the hotel for a bathe and later on brought them to "Kids Club" where there are toys and games to occupy the kids while the parents relax. My sisters and their family went for dinner and we went home. The kids didn't take much nap this afternoon. We went off at about 7 plus. As soon as they got into the car, they slept throughout until the next morning 8am. That's really nice. At least Daddy and Mommy have some time to ourselves. Hehe. We had barbecue at my mom's on New Year's Day ... simply scrumptious! Haven't had barbecue for months now. After I had dinner, I realised that Princess was coming down with a fever. Poor girl .. must have caught a cold in the pool. When she's sick, she's really good .. she's not whinny like Boyboy .. they are both totally different. After she took a dose of the fever medication, she fell asleep. They next day, she was well and was her hyper self again. Thank goodness!


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