Little Darlings

The Journey Of Our Two Little Precious ... Denisha & Darien Lim

Thursday, January 05, 2006

its gonna be only pictures

My Dad bought the pool they're sitting on. Haven't had the time to get the styrofoam as a base so that when they fall and knock their heads, there is a protection base. No styrofoam .. no water .. that's why its sitting there in the living hall. The living hall looks kinda empty .. no choice .. the kids are still young .. so everything had to be baby-proof! See my pretty "long and curly" hair. I told Princess to put her finger on her cheek. See .... so vain! Princess says "I share share cornflakes with Titi (brother)"! Mommy says "That's a good girl!" Boy has been really 'helpful' these days. If he sees any cloth, clothes or tissue, he'll take it and start wiping the floor. Hehehe .. really cute.


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