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The Journey Of Our Two Little Precious ... Denisha & Darien Lim

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

funny behaviour

Scene 1 The nursery caregiver, Ms Ng related to be about this incident about Lil Darien. He didn't finish his lunch and went straight to the kitchen and ask for apple. The aunty told him to finish his rice first. He nicely finishes his rice and ask for apple. Aunty said not yet .. had to drink some water. When the aunty went out. He drank some and poured it onto his pants and told another aunty .. "Shh shh". Such a cheeky boy!! Scene 2 Whenever Darien doesn't get his way with things. He'll scold them by resting his left hand on his hip and pointing his forefinger at the person who's scolding him. Like how I scold them. Hehe. So cute. Too bad I was not there to witness. My mom related the same incident to me the other day when my sis forbid him from playing with chairs. It was really funny.


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