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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

whole day out

10th January 2006: Normally the kids wouldn't ask for milk until they have woken up that is at about 8 plus to 9am. To my surprise, Princess woke up, half asleep at about 7 plus and told me .. Mommy I want milk. So, I made her a bottle and she was suckling on the bottle with her eyes close. After milk, she went back to sleep until almost 10am. Boy woke up at about 9am. I had him bathe and gave him a bottle of milk. After that he was happily playing by himself while Princess was still sleeping. After awhile when she finally woke up, took her for a bath and later on to Melinda's (niece - hubby's bro's daughter) birthday buffet at a restaurant. The lunch event was crowded with people and Princess doesn't fancy much of these kind of events. After lunch, we decided to do some shopping in 1U. On the way there, both kids had a bottle of milk each and right after, both fell asleep in the car. Upon reaching 1U, Boy woke up and Princess was still asleep for the next 1 hour. Passed by McDonald's and being kiasu, decided to join the Kid's Club since our kids are fans of fries and nuggets. And they have discounts from other boutiques as well. As soon as Princess woke up, we went to KidzSports. They had a great time there, leaving Mommy and Daddy with backache and sore muscles. There was this incident that really bothers me. Princess was playing in the enclosed area for 3 and below. She took 2 balls in her hand .. and suddenly this boy about 3 year/3 year plus moved towards her and took the balls from her hand. I told her nevermind and asked her to play something else. The "boy" was playing with the kiddy roller-coaster car. Princess appraoched him and wanted to play when he got off. He was being possesive and doesn't want to share with her. So I told her .. nevermind the "boy" is playing halfway and asked her to wait her turn when he finishes. She was still ok. The 2nd time, she was playing with a toy plane/tricycle and the Boy came to her and took it from her. This time that's it ... got on my nerve already. I went over to him and scolded him .. he just looked at me giving me that "I don't care look". Princess was still ok. Since the roller-coaster car was available, she went over to play. And suddenly, the Boy went over to her and grabbed. She fell down and cried. That's it .. I was already super angry. I carried her and comfort her. The worse thing was the father was all along sitting near there dreaming and couldn't care less about the whole thing until my girl started to cry. What kind of parent is this?! Allowing your child to be selfish, self-centered and possessive. Sheesh! I completely understand if he's a baby or younger but he's not. At least the parent can guide him when he's playing there but NO! Maybe his parent is also one selfish, self-centered and possessive "you know what"! We always teach my kids to share and take turns but of course not all things can be shared but simple things like toys and food are ok. There are instances where she's relunctant to share but we made sure we explain to her why the behaviour is not acceptable. We'll never allow her to be in that "manner" in public. Post pics soon.


  • At 1/12/2006 07:00:00 PM, Blogger Zara's Mama said…

    Aigh.. as you can see hor.. most kids whose parents bochap them one will most likely be naughty!

  • At 1/12/2006 11:17:00 PM, Blogger TWO LITTLE FELLAS said…

    poor Denisha.. i do agree that some parents are irresponsible with care less attitude.

    that's why i try not to bring my kids to crowdy places as such over the weekend or public holidays.


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