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The Journey Of Our Two Little Precious ... Denisha & Darien Lim

Friday, April 28, 2006

Bangkok Trip: 20.04.06 ~ 22.04.06

Hubs and I went to pick the kids up at about 4pm from the nursery. They told us that Princess was so excited. When we arrived at the LCC airport, we had something light at Coffee Bean. Boy enjoyed the scones. He had already taken his dinner at 3pm - he really can eat! When we were boarding, suddenly Princess told me "Mommy I don't want to sit this plane, I want to sit small plane". Oh my gosh! I explained to her and she understands. She was ok after we were seated. When we took-off they were ok too. We had cup noodle and a drink in the plane. The kids seem to enjoy the flight. We reached Bangkok International Airport at about 8pm. Upon arriving there, Barry and Amelia (my cousins - who were there for business) were already there to pick us up for dinner. We stopped by this very nice chinese restaurant (forgot the name). They serve very good shark's fin soup (with whole piece of shark's fin - don't think can get it here). Their peking duck is really great as well as their curry crab. Their curry spice is different from the ones here. The taste of their food there is totally unique and nice. Simply delicious! Too bad I was too hungry and forgotten to take a picture. We stayed at Taipan Hotel located in Sukhumvit Road with Barry and Amelia. That night I didn't sleep too well. Its the norm for me when I'm sleeping in an unfamiliar place. When we woke up in the morning, we went to eat in a coffee shop. The noodle soup was really good too. The soup is really unique. The kids love it too. After breakfast we went to do our shopping at Ma Boon Krong (MBK). Upon arriving there, I told Princess we are not buying toys today. Everytime we pass by a stall that sells those disney character stuffs and bags, she'll turn to me and say "Mommy I got many toys at home already". I told her "Yes Princess you have many toys already". I have no problem going shopping with her cos she understands. Wouldn't want her to be throwing tantrums in the middle of the mall. We did some shopping for the kids and a little bit for ourselves. The food there is ok but Princess likes the fish ball noodle soup. She was eating while humming to a tune. Must be nice - its a bit different compare to the ones here. In the cab, going back to the hotel We took a cab back to the hotel and it cost us Baht200 .... total rip-off! Princess didn't sleep in the afternoon, so when we reached the hotel she took a nap. When she woke up from her nap at around 8pm, we took a sky-train to Suan Lum Night Market. Had dinner there. Its not really nice. Bought some stuffs there too. Princess likes this cute little hand-crafted piggy. So we bought one for her. We didn't finished shopping at the night market because the last train was at 11pm. We went back to the hotel at 10 plus and the kids went to bed at 1am. So late! We took an early flight home at 10am. The only thing that we didn't do there was massage. Yes! Can you believe it! In Thailand and no massage! Sigh nevermind .. next time. Overall the trip was too short and travelling to a foreign country with kids is a challenge but we are proud to say that we managed well. Looking forward to our next trip again. Bangkok International Airport Departure Hall I bought this T-shirt in Mothercare. Was too tempted by the workings on it. Cousins Barry and Amelia Princess 'experimenting' on the plane

Boy's sleeping style

Everytime he sleeps in the car seat, he'll be putting both his hands behind his head .... acting like big boss!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Every child's favourite fastfood ... McDs

Took the kids to McDs playground after lunch last Sunday. Its a drive-thru McD that's adjoining a petrol station. We all had ice-cream in the enclosed playground. They have a place there for the kids to place their shoes but I find it pointless since the play area is so dirty. The kids actually had a bath in the morning. When we went back home ... its bath-time again for them. Mommy .. .the hygiene freak!

Boy's Ooh oh - Version II

This is Boy's new version of "oh oh". Comparing to the other version, this is much clearer.

Friday, April 07, 2006

just pics

Princess with her new handbag. She said "Like Mommy's bag". She looked so happy having the new bag. Carrying it everywhere she goes. Boy with cool shades that belongs to Princess. What happened to his?? Went into hiding somewhere.

guessing rhyme

Princess singing one of her rhymes from a rhyme book. Can anyone guess what are the rhymes she's singing?

laundry room

Whenever the kids feel bored playing with their toys or watching TV they will go into laundry room to extertain themselves while I was handing clothes. They'll play with the clothes pegs and hangers. Look at what Princess did to her poor teddy. Everyone's heard of voodoo doll but a voodoo bear??!! When Mommy says smile Boyboy. He'll give me one big cheeky smile. Princess up to something after she's done her voodoo teddy.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

journey back home

These are the two scenes that I had taken on the way back home on two separate occasions. Scene One Boy busy eating and reading! Princess enjoying her teddy and view of the highway. Scene Two Princess happily smiling at the camera. Boy getting comfortable.

Mommy's birthday celebration

We celebrated my birthday with the kids at TGIF, Subang Parade. The kids was having a great time eating, playing and messing up the whole place. Boy eating all by himself Princess enjoying the 'platter'

one night while getting to bed

Princess simply loves nursery rhymes. When she sings lil' Darien will sway to the music. Its really cute. One of the few book collections in our room.

back in action

I received a comment from Zara's Mama asking me why I was not updating my blog for so long. I think it has been more than a month since the last time I posted. Well, I had shingles for about 1 week plus and right after was out with fever, cold and cough. When I finally recovered my brother was getting married and I was busy with this and that. And now its all done .. and here I am - posting again.