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The Journey Of Our Two Little Precious ... Denisha & Darien Lim

Friday, February 17, 2006

Princess miss daddy

Early this morning, Hubby went to China for business trip. So I fetched the kids to the nursery. Princess was still sleeping when I carried her into the car. Boy was wide awake, happily drinking his milk. It takes us about 45 minutes from home to nursery (without jam). Halfway through the journey, Boy slept and Princess woke up. We had a conversation ... it goes like this ... Princess: Where's titi (brother)? Mommy: Titi's sleeping ... shh shh Princess: Where's Daddy? Mommy: Daddy went to China ... far far far away. Have to take aeroplane Princess: *In a weepy tone but didn't cry* I want to follow Mommy: No you can't follow ... Daddy is working. When we go holiday soon, we'll sit in the plane ok ... Daddy Mommy, Titi and Denisha. Princess: *Smiling happily* Mommy Daddy Titi Denisha sit aeroplane. Reaching there, one of the caregivers wanted to carry her out. She cried. So I went over to carry her. She stopped crying. Later on when I was leaving, I heard her cry again. I didn't go into the house afraid that she might cry more. When I reach office, I called the nursery and asked Alice, one of the caregivers there why she cried earlier. Alice told me she said "Daddy sit aeroplane". I was so touched. Am almost in tears (yeah this Mommy is very emotional). She understands. When she was younger .. like last June 2005 when hubby went to India ... she was ok. Our little girl is growing up. photo taken on the 15th February 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

laundy helper

Our little laundry helper

couch potatoes

When he has food in his hand ... he'll be so happy. Look at his cheeky smile. These couchies are watching Barney. Boy is holding on to a container of cookies. Yeah ... food really makes him happy. Greedy bum!

Post CNY Review: Last day of CNY Day 15

Last Sunday was the last day of CNY. We met up with Adric and family at 1U. We had lunch in Vietnam Kitchen. After finishing lunch, Princess told me she wanted to wee wee. So I opened up the portable potty for her and sat her at the corner of the restaurant. She was so shy making sure that no one was looking at her. This is the 1st time she went out without diapers. It was really an achievement and thanks to this portable potty from Tommy Tippee. It was really useful. The lunch attendees (hubby not in pic - he was holding the camera) Did a little bit of shopping and we dropped by their place for a little while before adjourning to my mom's for dinner. Mom cooked a nice sumptious dinner to celebrate the last day of CNY. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of the food.

Post CNY Review: CNY Day 14 - Visiting

Last Saturday was the 14th day of CNY. We were scheduled to visit my friends, Alice and mom2ashley. We woke up late again ... 10am. We were in a rush and by the time we finished preparing everything was about noon. We were supposed to meet for lunch. We had some miscommunications .. so we ended up eating by ourselves ... hehe. After lunch, we went to their house. Alice had two boys, one aged 3+ and another one aged 7. The kids enjoyed their company and had fun playing with the toys. Alice's two boys, Sean and Scot. Boy searching for some toys. We reached mom2ashley's place in the evening about 4pm and the kids were really tired and sleepy. They were being really clingy. We were trying to get the kids to take picture with Ashley but they were not in the mood. Aww! Maybe next time. Cute lil Baby Ashley Boy's version of "Oh oh"

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

poor finger

Last Friday while in the nursery, Boy cut his finger when he was playing with the plastic drawers. That's why when I buy these things, I will choose it carefully to make sure there are no sharp edges. When that happened, I was somehow annoyed and worried. Annoyed at the caregivers there for not looking at him properly but on the other hand, they can't be watching him every minute. Was worried because I don't know how deep the wound was and I had to bring the two kids to the PD without hubby 'cos he had a company dinner to attend. Seeing Boy in a jovial mood, he must be ok cos he did not cry or show any discomfort. He was looking at the aunty wrapping his finger up. So I was contemplating on whether to go to the PD or not. I went in the end .. he was due for his jab anyway. While driving there. Princess cried and when I asked her why she cried, she said "Titi (brother) pain". I was so touched. Such a sweet girl. I told her "No .. Titi is ok. Don't need to cry". When we saw the doctor, she said they don't have the equipments for cleaning up the wound etc .... gosh! I was thinking what kind of clinic is this. Gee! And I had to pack the kids into the car and go to another clinic. It was such a task .. looking for parking ... getting the kids out of the car .. making sure that Princess don't run out to the street. In the end, this doctor said he doesn't need any stitches .. thank goodness ... just a minor cut. Boy was so brave looking at the way the doctor did the dressing of the wound. The minute he realised I was there, he was whining and wanting me to carry. Sigh sigh.

look at his poor finger .... apart from the injury he's playing happily.

this is the way we brush our teeth

this is the way we brush our teeth .. we brush our teeth .. we brush our teeth ... this is the way we brush our teeth .. so early in the morning ... la la la la la la la la la la

if u're happy and u know .. u show ur teeth!

Monday, February 13, 2006

just pictures

Throw Throw

This video was taken on the 6th February 2006 at home one morning. Nowadays, Boy likes to take things, play with it a little while and then finally he'll say "Throw". Once, I asked him to throw something for me. He took it and quickly walked into the bathroom. Once he saw the dustbin, he said "Throw". I clapped my hands and said clever boy. From then on whenever he throw anything, he'll clap his own hands .. hehe self-praise. :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Post-CNY Day 1 ~ Day 8 Review

Chinese New Year Eve As usual during our eve of CNY, we'll have lunch at my in-laws and dinner at my parents. "Every year my mom will cook a nice reunion dinner consist of abalones, sharksfin, mushrooms, duck etc. The food is fit for a village."

"Look at the two little monkeys!"

CNY - Day 1 On CNY Day 1, we visited my in-laws, some friends', my parents and finally my Aunt Stella in Cheras. As usual like every year, we'll all gather at my Aunt's place for a nice dinner. Cheeky Princess doing a smiling pose Princess in her Chinese "cheongsam" Boy in his Chinese costume Princess's favourite cousin, Cassandra (my eldest sis's daughter) Princess performing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" in her pajamas at my Aunt Stella's house. CNY - Day 2 After the kids woke up, we went to Aunt Stella's house for mahjong session. The kids all had fun together. The house was like a mini casino and a mini amusement park. It was filled with laughter and tears. After the mahjong session was finally over, it was way past 2am. So we decided to stay the night. Luckily, we brought clothes (for just in case). This picture was taken before we went out. Boy was trying to put back all the alphabet pieces like we always do. CNY - Day 3 Since Boy slept earlier last night, he woke up at 9.30am and Princess slept late, so she woke up at 11.30am. "Good Morning Boy!" Princess trying to cover Boy with a piece of muslin cloth. In the midst of it, she woke him up. After being woken up by Princess, he decided to play some toys to entertain himself. Princess trying to wear her pants. CNY - Day 4 We had a few friends visiting our place in the evening and we went for seafood dinner. After dinner we went back to our place and the kids had a good time playing with the aunties and uncles. These pictures were taken in the morning after their bath. CNY - Day 5 & 6 : Genting Highlands Holiday Our schedule to go up Genting was supposed to be at 10am but we woke up at ten. By the time we finished packing and bathing the kids, it was already 11.30. We had McDs in the car and soon after the kids fell asleep. Daddy and Mommy had a peaceful drive up and reached there at about 2.30pm. We stayed in a room sharing with my sis & family. The weather there was great unlike in KL .. hot and humid. The kids went for some rides - Boy enjoyed the most ... happily 'driving' the cars that he was in. There were clowns and 'God of Fortune' (chinese - choi sun yeh) around the place and gave Princess a scare. She's always not into these kinds of things. She kept saying 'I'm scared' whereas Boy was like he couldn't care less of what's happening around him. Hmm .. dunno maybe boys are braver. We went to the outdoor theme park. My sis and I paid for ride entrance fee to accompany the kids whereas the daddies paid for a no-ride entrance fee so that they can take pictures and look-out for things. CNY - Day 7 My two friends and kids came for a visit in the morning. We had lunch outside and went back home to recuperate. For dinner, we went over to my Aunt Stella's house again. Princess simply love babies. Princess together with Baby Ashley (Cousin Jerry's daughter). We went home at 12am. Princess was so tired, she crossed her legs while sleeping. So bossy!! Hehehe. CNY - Day 8 Dinner at my mom's. As usual, the kids had a fun time playing.