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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mommy is touched!

21st July 2006: Every weekday when we came home, I would ask the kids to wash their legs in the bathroom. As usual Princess will request to do it herself. When she came out, I wiped her and told her to take her clothes and pants. Normally she's independant but today she decided to throw a tantrum by saying excuses like she doesn't know and "Mommy do". I was in a bad mood and scolded her. I was continuously scolding her and she was continuously whining and crying. I ignored her tantrum. Finally she stopped crying. I explained to her that she shouldn't throw tantrum like that .. giving her the example of the girl in the "I'm so mad" book. Its a good book that teaches children about managing feelings. Its one of her favourite books. She seem to understand my explanation. I gave her a hug and she said "I Love You Mommy". At first I didn't get what she was saying and asked her to repeat it twice. *Stupid mommy isn't it* I was so touched ... my heart melted. Mommy felt warm all over .. ahh. 23rd July 2006: Daddy had a football match so we decided to go to my sis house. Princess was bugging me to go since 9am in the morning. We reached there after lunch. Boy slept an hour but Princess didn't even take a wink. In the evening about 4pm, I decided to leave the kids at my sis to get some things at Giant. Princess said she wanted to follow me, knowing that she must be sleepy, so I took her along without telling Boy. Afraid that he'll cry. So we left. When I went back to my sis's place, she told me that he must have realised that I went missing and went crying in front of the door. When I saw him, I greeted him "Hello Boy". He was happily eating and when he saw me his expression shifted to his crying and weepy mood. Gosh ... I asked him ... "WHy are you crying Boy? You miss Mommy is it?". He nodded and said "Em (yes)". I hugged him ... "Mommy miss you too. No more crying ok". Its great to be a Mommy ... "They" make you feel so important isn't it??!?!


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