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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Post CNY Review: CNY Day 14 - Visiting

Last Saturday was the 14th day of CNY. We were scheduled to visit my friends, Alice and mom2ashley. We woke up late again ... 10am. We were in a rush and by the time we finished preparing everything was about noon. We were supposed to meet for lunch. We had some miscommunications .. so we ended up eating by ourselves ... hehe. After lunch, we went to their house. Alice had two boys, one aged 3+ and another one aged 7. The kids enjoyed their company and had fun playing with the toys. Alice's two boys, Sean and Scot. Boy searching for some toys. We reached mom2ashley's place in the evening about 4pm and the kids were really tired and sleepy. They were being really clingy. We were trying to get the kids to take picture with Ashley but they were not in the mood. Aww! Maybe next time. Cute lil Baby Ashley Boy's version of "Oh oh"


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